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Alliance Prize Winner

COtooCLEAN – the innovative multi-participant project by Nextek Limited – has won the Alliance Prize in Circular Solutions for Flexibles.

Following a five-way pitch at the NYSE on 29 November, Professor Edward Kosior, founder of Nextek won the prestigious prize of $US3million to fast-track COtooCLEAN’s ground breaking process  to decontaminate post-consumer plastic films back to food-grade quality.

 The event, that was presented live to global brand owners and investors, was the culmination of months of review by a panel of judges who whittled some 600 applications down to 60 highly innovative technologies and then down to five finalists.

 As Professor Kosior says – we now have the potential to make a major contribution to the circularity of films in a global context.


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Alliance Prize Winner - Nextek - COtooCLEAN

Nextek’s COtooCLEAN project is based on supercritical carbon dioxide to decontaminate plastics films back to food-grade quality.

We are delighted to announce that Nextek’s COtooCLEAN technology is a finalist for the 2023 Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards. 


Our innovative tech, to recycle flexible polyolefin films back into food-grade plastic, was entered into the Driving the Circular Economy category and hailed as one of 60 highly innovative technologies.


The winner will be announced at the Sustainable Packaging Summit in Amsterdam on 14-15 November 2023.

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Nextek will help your business improve its sustainability performance through a better choice of materials, better product design and improved processing. We tailor projects to meet the needs of your business now and for the future.

Plant Design

Nextek have over 20 years experience designing recycling plants, commissioning and implementing process improvements. Contact the team to learn more.

Training & Support

Having personnel that comprehend the principles of the equipment, process and materials is vital for the long operational success of any business. Practical instruction and demonstration ensures training is retained and understood.


We work very closely with leading academic science-based faculties, industry and retail and government, developing a deep understanding of the life cycle and the lasting effcts on the environment when the question of recycling is not addressed from the very beginning.

Market Research

Nextek can write detailed scientific reports in the specific field of polymers and recycling related to your business. Please contact the team to find out more and arrange an initial consltation to discuss the research involved.

Material Testing

Nextek have many innovative recycling technologies that are the future of recycling. Contact us to find out more. Let us analyse your material samples.

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Sustainable Solutions

Nextek has detailed expertise in recycling of post-consumer plastic wastes using the latest technolgies available into high value applications such as food grade PET bottles and HDPE milk bottles that can be used in new packaging applications.

Polymers & Recycling

Nextek is an independent consultancy who provide solutions to the challenges of the plastic recycling and resource management throughout the supply chain for all applications. We deliver tailored sustainable solutions for business.

Strategy & Business Development

By providing expertise, understanding and solutions for complex waste challenges Nextek work closely with clients to design products for sustainability, recyclability and improved resource efficiency to deliver effective business strategies.