Sustainable Business Solutions

Nextek delivers business-focused projects and solutions for Government agencies, Industry Groups, Universities and Research Institutes as well as Private SME’s, Retailers, Brand owners, Manufactures and multinational fortune 500 organisations.

Recycling Technology Expertise

Nextek works directly with leading equipment suppliers in the waste and recycling industry completing trials and process evaluations to optimise performance and outcomes for our clients.  

Solving Waste Challenges

Nextek provides expertise and solutions for complex waste challenges.  Our approach is to work closely with clients to design products for recyclability and improve resource efficiency to deliver effective business outcomes. 

Circular Economy

Nextek’s approach is to work together with our clients to help them develop sustainable products with high recycled content aligned with their environmental goals and a focus on the circular economy.


Our Story

Since 2004 Nextek has provided expertise in the design, optimisation, processing and recycling of plastics materials. 

Our team of experts in the UK, Australia and India deliver small and large-scale projects that “add value” to waste and recycled materials as well as provide detailed feasibility studies for new technologies and marketing / commercial projects.

We work with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) through to multi-national top 500 corporations.  We have focused our extensive polymer expertise on the materials found in plastic packaging, responding to the largely unmet needs of businesses to develop more sustainable packaging using high grade recycled materials.

We are also active in developing applications and reuse of novel materials such as bioplastics from renewable resources.

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