Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has pledged to double the amount of recycled plastic it sources for inclusion in plastic bottle production, after green campaigners criticised parent firm The Coca-Cola Company for its continued use of high quantities of virgin plastics.

The commitment will see CCA, which is the largest soft drinks bottler in Australia, incorporate more than 10,000 tonnes of pre and post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in its range of bottles annually by 2020.

This move will enable the company to produce all bottles with a capacity of 600ml or less using 100% recycled plastic, while also doubling the proportion of recycled content in all other bottle ranges. Selected lines in the firm’s 600ml and under range, which includes on-the-go bottles for the likes of Sprite, Fanta, Coca-Cola and Mount Franklin, will be launched in 100% recycled bottles by the end of 2019.

Overall, the move will see recycled material account for more than two-thirds of CCA’s plastic packaging content.

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(Photo credit: edie newsroom)