The Co-op has moved the deadline for ensuring that 100% of the packaging on its own-brand lines is easy-to-recycle forward from 2023 to summer 2020.

The retail chain initially voted to target 100% recyclability for packaging across all own-brand products in 2017, setting a deadline of 2023.

But, after removing all black plastics from own-brand lines and rolling out compostable carrier bags last year, the Co-op has now said it is on track to achieve the ambition this summer.

In a blog post last week, the company’s chief commercial officer for retail, Michael Fletcher, said the last big challenge in achieving the aim is tackling plastic film, which most UK councils will not collect at kerbside.

To find out more, follow the link below:–recyclable-packaging-by-summer-2020/

(Photo credit: The Co-op)