A binding target of at least 35% recycled content in packaging would transform the waste and recycling sector in Europe. The anticipated investment would be €10 billion to meet the demand for recycled plastics however the targets would need to be binding in order for the businesses to see security in the investments. Wide scale collections to reach the 90% target for plastics would also be required to make the feedstock available for the recycling operations. The technology to make food grade PET, HDPE and PP from the appropriate post consumer products already exists and will be no doubt be expanded. Brand Owners have expressed their willingness to include high levels of recycled content. The elusive final factor will be the differentiation and decoupling of the costs between virgin plastics and recycled plastics. We are entering a new era where the old concepts must be abandoned otherwise no change will occur.

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Coalition Calls For Binding Recycled Content Targets in Beverage Bottles

(Photo credit: PETcore)