Dr Brian Riise

Position:  Senior Technical Consultant

Qualifications:  BS (Chem. Eng., University of California Davis); PhD (Chem. Eng., University of California Santa Barbara)

Business Expertise:  Plastic Recycling Processes and Products, Polymer Processing, Plastic Testing and Analysis, Intellectual Property Management

Brian has over 25 years of experience in Research and Development related to polymers and recycling.  During his 19 years with the MBA Polymers, Brian was responsible for developing the processes and formulations necessary to produce high value plastics from complex streams such as shredded end-of-life electronics and automobiles.  Brian is an inventor on 12 US patents (and several internationally) related to plastic recycling processes and recycled plastic products.  In addition to his work in the development and protection of MBA Polymers’ technology, Brian was closely involved in the design, construction, operations, product development and technical sales for the company’s facilities in the United States, China, Austria and England.