Edwin Billiet

Edwin Billiet

Position: Consultant Photonics Engineer

Qualifications: BSc (Eng), HNC (Elec Eng & Computing)

Business Expertise: Electro-Optics, Spectroscopy, Software Development.

Edwin is a photonics specialist with over 50 years’ experience in the fields of Laser applications, spectroscopy and associated computing techniques. He has worked with the Royal Military College of Science, teaching physics, and electro-optics at Cranfield University on topics of Raman spectroscopy, LIDAR, Fluorescence Spectroscopy and LIBS also assisting PhD students in their research.

Edwin has expertise in the use of a range of light sources including Arc lights, LEDs, Lasers and light detection techniques such as photomultipliers, photon-counters and photo-diodes. He has extensive experience in the application of, holography, remote analysis of polymers (Raman), atmospheric gases (LIDAR), fluorescence in dye tagged polymer products, non-invasive analysis of water purity, security tagging and laser-based applications in defence scenarios.This extends to computing software and hardware development of the instrumentation interfaces and controls, post-data logging processing and analysis and maintenance of the work-group computing facilities.