Europe’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler used 27.6% recycled content in its plastic bottles last year – more than ten times the beverage sector’s global average proportion of 2-3%.

The progress was posted in Coca-Cola European Partners’ (CCEP) first integrated annual report, which also tracks the beverage giant’s progress on water conservation, carbon reduction and improving the nutritional portfolios of its products.

Published on Thursday (14 March), the 200-page report states that CCEP is on track to achieve its 2025 goal of making all PET bottles with at least 50% recycled content. To secure a continuous and secure supply of recycled PET (rPET), the firm has made several investments into recycling infrastructure improvements and closed-loop innovations. A key step for CCEP in this space was securing a deal with rPET supplier Loop Industries, which uses patented technologies to restore plastic streams contaminated by dyes to ‘near-virgin’ quality.

The report also records strong progress towards CCEP’s 2025 ambition of ensuring that 100% of its packaging is “truly” recyclable, with the proportion having stood at 98% in 2018.

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(Photo credit: edie newsroom)