The recent IPCC report 2018 suggests that climate change is occurring earlier and more rapidly than expected. It stated that if we continue at current trends, hundreds of millions of lives are at stake, since we are on a trajectory for a world warmer than 1.5 degrees Celsius, by 2040. 

In this conversation Margaret Rose-Goddard sat down with one of the world’s leading innovators in polymer technology and the holder of several patents in the field of plastics recycling, Professor Edward Kosior. Professor Kosior with over 40 years experience in academia and in business has been instrumental in the introduction of recycled plastics into food packaging in Australia and across Europe.

In this episode, Professor Kosior breaks down this dense field simply for those who have no scientific background and makes the case for how to move beyond hope to actually reversing the current alarming trajectory.

You will learn a little bit of history on the use of plastics and how we have been dealing with it over the last 60 years and finally Professor Kosior lays down a roadmap outlining FOUR key strategies every Government should be implementing NOW in order to reverse the current climate change trajectory.

To listen to the programme, follow the link below: