Happy Environment Day from Nextek!

Nextek is an independent consultancy who provide solutions to the challenges of the plastic recycling and resource management throughout the supply chain for all applications.

Nextek is actively working to find solutions for minimising and recycling plastics.

In the past year, Nextek has been involved in a number of projects aimed at bringing positive change worldwide. The projects include:

  • Designing a big new recycling plant in England
  • Developing the prism technology which involves fluorescent barcodes which are able to sort identical looking plastics
  • Developing innovative solutions for black plastics which will make this material visible. After five years from its first design, this technology has finally come into commercial use
  • Developing a circular solution to coffee cups recycling. Such a solution has now gone to the commercial market
  • Developing bioplastics for India

We are proud to be working along with other innovators who are working to heal the natural world and make the Earth a better place to live in.