Two Latvian companies say they have found a solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) to what it calls the “two main global problems” regarding plastic packaging.

Technology company, dots, and the process engineering and equipment manufacturing companyPERUZA says they have manufactured a prototype of a packaging deposit-refund system that can recognise and collect different kinds of packaging, not only packaging of certain types of beverages.

The recognition deposit-refund system (DRS) is based on AI and is able to identify the material of packaging, the companies say.

The system can currently recognise, collect and sort 0,5l and/or 1,5l PET bottles, 5l plastic bottles, 1,5l plastic canisters, as well as aluminium cans, cardboard Tetra Pak, glass bottles and jars.

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Latvian companies develop “AI-based” deposit-refund system for plastics

(Photo credit: Circular Online)