Working closely with its client Nextek was able to provide a feasibility study to show the benefits of a recycling facility to take mixed plastic and produce food grade rPET and rHDPE products. Nextek provided both design and start up support to ensure a fast commercialisation.

Recycling Plant Design Case Study

A client was interested in expanding their existing PET recycling facility but required further details and information on market opportunities and commercial feasibility.  Nextek was able to show that they was a strong market interest in high quality food grade rPET and food grade rHDPE materials if they were available from a reliable local manufacturing base.

A comprehensive local market evaluation highlighted primary and secondary market applications and volumes of those markets.  A plant design that would enable processing of a wide range of material compositions and a full feasibility study was then completed with a number of raw materials and final product scenarios highlighting the synergistic benefit of offering both food grade rPET and rHDPE products.

Capital approval was provided and the plant was operation within 12 months coming to full scale in 18months and capacity quickly selling out as forecast.  Both rPET and rHDPE are of excellent quality enabling high percentage of use in key applications for bottle to bottle closed loop recycling.