This is a very helpful article that points out the dilemma of packaging developers and Brand Owners. By making a package biodegradable, we continue the myth that no-one needs to be responsible for the package after it has been used. Packaging provides so many important functions when it is designed well. Importantly the package must be properly handled at the end of its first use to avoid the impact on the environment even if it is biodegradable given the need for appropriate processing and litter prevention requirements. Biodegradation behaviour in oceans is frequently different to composting characteristics on land. Biodegradable plastics still require Producer Responsibility. The cost of high performance biodegradable plastics is 3 to 5 times higher than recyclable plastics. These two points will eventually make biodegradable plastics a less preferred option for Brand Owners and retailers.

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(Photo credit: Marco Bulgarelli/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images)