UK company Ronald Britton has launched a new glitter for the print and packaging industry which is completely plastic free.

Cosmetic ‘Bioglitter’ PURE, is based on natural materials rather than plastic, is biodegradable and is designed to decompose like a leaf in the natural environment to leave no trace.

It is the first glitter to be verified microplastic free by the EU and officially certified OK Biodegradable WATER by TÜV. Which means it is guaranteed to biodegrade in a natural, freshwater environment.

Developed by manufacturers Ronald Britton, the new Bioglitter has been created for the cosmetic sector, but is robust enough to be used in coating, printing and decorative applications. It offers a 100% plastic free, certified biodegradable and verified microplastic free glitter alternative, for where anything less is not an option.

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UK firm launches ‘world’s first plastic free glitter’

(Photo credit: Packaging News)