Dr Martin Kay

Dr Martin Kay

Position: Associate

Qualifications: PhD Biodegradation of polymers, BSc(Hons) App Bio, Dip Management

Business Expertise: Biomaterials, Paper processing, Public funding, Project Mgt

Martin has over 20 years consultancy experience including legislation, technology procurement and R&D in environment, process and product improvement within the paper, packaging and print industries. He designed and delivered a research project to investigate the conversion of papermill residues to methane using anaerobic digestion. Martin led the DARD NI funded ‘Sustainable food packaging programme’ in Northern Ireland to help drive 35 food/packaging companies sustainability projects over a 2 year period. Martin continues his research interests into resource efficiency having initiated CASE funded PhD’s at Aston University (completed 2012) & Imperial College London.

Martin has previously worked as Chief Consultant at SmithersPira delivering a range of projects related to sustainability in the EU as well as US, China, Japan, Israel and Trinidad, including waste reduction, water conservation and energy from paper waste, with major brand owners in the, packaging and retail industries. He has demonstrated success in leading complex R&D and commercial projects with international clients across the supply chain.