Fluorescent Markers for Plastics Recycling

The PRISM project will target recovering high value materials from packaging that currently is difficult to sort and has low value or no end markets and end up as residues at MRF’s.

This project will develop invisibly coded labels with high performing luminescent compounds that can be detected with high speed automatic sorting equipment.

It will develop luminescent materials from non-rare earth based compounds as well as materials recovered from fluorescent lamp recycling.

The new technology will boost recycling plant yields with efficient ways of sorting materials such as PP packaging used for food, HDPE milk bottles and sleeved PET and increase recovery of food grade plastics and open up new markets for recovered fluorescent compounds.

This new technology will help brand owners to ensure that packaging reaches the recycling loop and boost UK recycling performance.

The partners in the project are :  Nextek, Brunel University, Tomra, CCL, Mirage Inks, Johnson Matthey, Enlightened Lamp Recycling (ELR) Cleantech Europe and WRAP